Hello. My name is Yukie Nobuharu.

My main interests are Computers, Cyber security and other technology related things.

My interest in computers started back when someone taught me how to use it./

At first I thought that this was so hard to learn. But as the time passes by, I realize that I was wrong.

my first skill

The first skill that I have learned was navigating computers by the use of keyboard. Until they taught me many things that I need to know about computers, and how to use it

such as, The concepts of computer, there different types, and different uses of it.

Basically the main purpose of computers, and what are the things that I can do with it. And also, the differences of driver, hardware, and software.

I remember the day that I destroyed my first laptop because of my curiosity on how the operating system run’s. Up until my skills was expanded more, and gain an innovative skills over.

My new skills

These are the things that I have discovered with myself.

  • Upgrading computer system,
  • partial programming knowledge,
  • securing computer system,
  • narrow networking knowledge,
  • and deploying linux systems.

Other interest

Other than technology, I enjoy reading, sports, music, and helping people in any way I can.

In terms of reading, I particularly enjoy the genres of fantasy and science fiction. I also read stories on wattpad.

In terms of sports, I love playing Track and field and Goalball.

In music, I’m currently studying on how to play keyboard. Then after I acquire new skills on it or I learn a new song that I can play, it makes me want to play keyboard further more. And I’m so glad seeing myself developing on that skill.


To some it all. I want to continue to discover and learn more about new things to create amazing stuffs, and something that might help everyone, especially to all visually impaired out there, from both technologies and music. And also, for me to make everybody happy and feel bless.

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